Mountain Climbing Adventure

Mountain Climbing Adventure - 1 day hike

1 day Acclimatization guided ascents, come and enjoy with the experts…!

cerca de la cumbre del iliniza norte

Climb Iliniza Norte

Classified in the high mountain category, Iliniza Norte can be climbed in a full day from Quito.

Volcán Sincholagua

Climb Sincholagua

Sincholagua is an extremely beautiful and somewhat technical mountain, ideal for acclimatizing to the altitude.

volcán corazón

Climb Corazón

Corazón is a volcano in the Andes near the city of Machachi, ideal to start acclimatizing to the altitude.

Rumiñahui in ecuador

Climb Rumiñahui

Located in the limits of the Cotopaxi National Park, Rumiñahui is easily accessible, surrounded by many volcanoes such as Cotopaxi.

Rucu Pichicha ecuador

Climb Rucu Pichincha

Rucu Pichincha is a extinct volcano that is located very close to the Capital “Quito” its easy access by cable car leads you to enjoy beautiful views.

pasochoa crater

Climb Pasochoa

Pasochoa is a great volcano that does not require mountaineering experience, it is one of the first mountains to acclimatize to the hight.